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Nothing Beats Mario Kart


I might seem a little behind the times here, but I cannot find a video game that I love more than I love Mario Kart.  I started thinking about this the other day when I was in my college writing class and my teacher had us write a 5-minute paper about our “technology rating”. He described this “technology rating” as a number from 1 to 10 that we thought represented ourselves when it came to how technologically savvy we thought we were. When writing this mini paper, I realized that my technological savvy-ness was pretty good when it came to the internet, my iPhone, and my Nook, but when it came to the world of video games, I was stuck in the 90’s. I don’t know whether it has to do with the easy-to-understand interfaces of Mario games on the original Nintendo, and the Nintendo 64 systems, or the simple fact that there just isn’t as many buttons on the controller to deal with like XBox and PS3, but I just love Mario games! I ended up giving myself a 6 due to my lack of video game knowledge, but I’m happy with where I’m at. After all, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. And what’s the best part about Mario Kart? No waiting for your game to load like video games these days! Nothing’s better than instant gratification, and nothing’s better than Mario Kart.


Crazy For Topple!


See how high you can stack without toppling!

Like Tetras? Then you’ll love Topple! Topple for iPhone is a fun game that takes it’s inspiration from Tetras.  You are given different shaped blocks, and you must stack them up to create a tower. These shapes fall from the top of your screen and you must drag them into place. You start off with typical shapes like squares, but each level gets harder and harder! As you progress through the levels, different blocks come into play that are harder to stack like hexagons and triangles. Not only do the shapes get harder to stack, but you must also face higher height requirements to be able to pass on to the next level. Watch out after you hit level 4 though! Starting at level 4, the base you must stack your blocks on is no longer flat…it’s jagged! It may seem inconvenient, but it adds a new level of difficulty and will have you challenged while trying to master new stacking techniques. What’s the best part about Topple? It’s free! You can, however, choose to buy the full version of the game through the App Store, but why should you when you get 9 levels of fun in the free version? You may get through the 9 levels quickly and find yourself wanting more, but even after you complete all of the levels, you job is not done. There are achievements for each level that you can also complete to challenge yourself further. For each level there is a bonus height, time award, and target score. You’ll soon find yourself addicted to the great gameplay and fun colors of Topple!

3 Cheers For Tap Zoo!


Hours of fun for all ages!

Is it weird that I’m totally into this game? On Tap Zoo for iPhone you get to create and manage your very own zoo! Choose from hundreds of animals and buildings to customize your zoo however you like it. Breed your animals and watch them grow up in the nursery or get creative and crossbreed animals to wait and see just what crazy new breeds you can get! As you graduate through the levels, new challenges arise for you and it becomes more of a challenge to keep your good zoo grades up.  Pick up trash and collect zoo revenue from your animals to earn coins toward new purchases. And what’s the best part of all? It’s totally free! Well, I’ll be honest, it’s not totally free. It is possible to purchase things for real money, but not if you don’t want to. Parents, just make sure if you’re letting your kids play the game on your phone that you disable in-app purchases so they don’t charge anything to your credit card. There was a couple instances where parents didn’t realize it was possible to make purchases within the game and their children ended up buying thousands of dollars worth of animals! These pissed off parents tried to sue Tap Zoo creators, but to no avail! So with that, be careful and have fun with the endless Tap Zoo possibilities!