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The Scoop on Snoop’s New Book


This is beyond hilarious.  We all know Snoop Dogg, self-professed rapper and smoker, don’t we?  Then it should be no surprise that he has come up with a book, that you can actually smoke! I died laughing when I watched this and you will too!  What do you think cats? Is Snoop’s new “book” hilarious, or what?


Possible Beatles Part 2?


Say what!?!? Paul McCartney’s son, James is reportedly trying to get together a group comprised of the former Beatles’ sons. So who does he want in this band? John Lennon’s son Sean, George Harrison’s son Dhani, and Ringo Starr’s son Zak. What would such a band be called you ask? The Beatles – The Next Generation, of course! Thankfully Zak knocked some sense into James and said he was uninterested in taking part in such an endeavor.  After all, you can’t have a band without a drummer! Will James try to find someone else to fill Zak’s shoes, or will the the idea of The Beatles – The Next Generation fade away with all the other terrible media ideas?  I mean, if anyone is going to try to upstage the Beatles, who better to do it than their sons? But I think Zak’s head is in the right place here.  So crazy! What do think about all of this?




Girl, What Were You Thinking?


SJP...Oh Me! Oh My!

Or maybe more importantly, what was your stylist thinking! Sarah Jessica Parker paraded down the red carpet in Moscow wearing this little number…if you can even call it little.  We all know that Parker is known for her crazy ensembles on her hit T.V. show Sex and the City, but DAMN! Girl wasn’t joking around with this fashion statement. Nevermind how one would even go about walking with all this fabric. Her make-up artists have come up with ways to help hide that big honker of a nose of hers, but there is no hiding this! Bold and red is in, but this might just be a little over the top, even for Sarah Jessica Parker. I mean, Maria could make clothes for the whole Von Trapp family with this outfit!

Snooki Clothing Line?!?!


Ahh! Nooo!

Ha. You’re kidding, right? Nope, this is for real. Jersey Shore “star” Snooki is trying her luck in the fashion industry despite her best friend Jenni’s failure’s with her own attempt Filthy Couture.  Snooks started off small at first, creating a pair of leopard print slippers for the the company Happy Feet, but now she is stepping it up a notch and creating graphic tee’s and probably some furry things? We all know she knows her way around a t-shirt printer from her days at the shore store, but what does Snooki wear that people actually want, I’m a little confused here… Maybe Snooki is just trying to stick it to the man after being paid by Abercrombie & Fitch, along with the rest of the Jersey Shore cast, to not wear their clothes? What I do know for sure is there is a lot of fur and sequins heading our way!