How to Carve the Perfect Pumpkin


Pumpkin carving is, in my opinion, the best part of Halloween. I am, by nature, an artsy person, so I love to create little mini masterpieces when I can…and a pumpkin is a perfect canvas! Pumpkin carving can be a little tricky at times though, so here is a little step-by-step to ensure a perfect pumpkin you can be proud of.

Step One: —>

Start of by finding the perfect pumpkin. I prefer round pumpkins since they have a larger place for you to place and plan your design. Smaller pumpkins are also better for carving since they aren’t as thick-skinned.

<—Step Two:

Next, you need to cut the top out of your pumpkin to allow yourself access to the inside. I like to use a hexagon shape so your pumpkin top won’t fall in when the pumpkin begins to weather.

Step Three: —>

Now that you’ve got the top off, you need to cut off the pumpkin insides. Use a sharp knife; going in a circular motion.

<—Your pumpkin top should look like this after you’ve cut off the top.

Step Four: —v

You might think those seeds are trash, but they’re not! Make sure you save all of your seeds in a bowl so you can toast them up later.

<—The inside of your pumpkin should look like this when you’re done taking the seeds and pulp out.

Step Five:

Now comes the fun part! Let’s get carving! First map out your design. You might want to reach for the permanent marker, but for the perfect pumpkin we don’t want any stray marker marks! Use a washable marker instead. I like to use red to make sure I can wipe off all my marks completely. Tip: make sure your hands are dry, so your marker outline doesn’t smudge! Once you’ve got your outline drawn out, you’re ready to go! Carve away! Make sure that you’ve really thought about all your lines so that parts of your pumpkin won’t just fall through. When I’m carving I use a small, but very sharp knife and a fork. You might wonder what the fork is for. I like to use it to help poke out the thin pumpkin parts. It’s also easier if you leave the pumpkin top off as you carve so that you can hold the pumpkin from the inside with your non-carving hand to help you poke out other larger pieces…just watch out so you don’t cut yourself! After you’ve carved your design, use mildly soapy water on a paper towel to wipe off the marker as well as any dirt left on the outside from the pumpkin patch. Put a candle or “fake” candle light in your pumpkin, put the top back on, and you’re ready to haunt up the neighborhood! Enjoy your pumpkin and the holiday!

Patriots and Broncos pumpkins!


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