A New Fall Print From Vera!

Come join the fun with Vera Bradley’s new print!

Vera Bradley has released a new print for the fall! From A to Vera is an eclectic ransom-style print that is perfect for travel! Since the new styles are made in vinyl, instead of the traditional quilted cotton, it can easily be wiped off when you have a little travel mishap. Don’t worry about rushing and spilling your coffee on these bad boys! Vera’s got you covered from A to Vera! The print seems a little kiddish for the older crowd, who might want to stick to the more low-key quilted prints, but for all those teenagers and their slumber parties, it’s perfect! From $38 for the Opening Act Wristlet, to $198 for the 20″ Rolling Upright, this new style is pretty reasonably priced. I think the best deal is the 21″ Rolling Duffel at $188. It’s larger than the Rolling Upright and I also like the print better in the duffel style with lots of pockets and places to put your travel necessities.

Happy Shopping!


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