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Last Day of the 30% Off Juicy Sale!


Use your 30% off on the Olympia Large Hobo!





Isn’t that juicy? Today is the last day to get 30% off on everything you love and have been longing for! Handbags, Sweaters, Tracksuits, Accessories…you name it, you got it! As long as it’s ordered by 11:59 tonight! Enter code WHOUKNOW at the checkout! Happy Shopping!


Did Someone Say, “Free Stuff”?


Which gift will you choose?

I did! Vera Bradley is giving away one of three FREE gifts when you purchase $75 or more! You can choose a medium cosmetic bag, a photo book, or a tech case.  My personal favorite is the medium cosmetic bag.  It’s great for all your make-up, but if you’re a make-up freak like me, then this bag might be a little small for you.  It’s still a good size though, and it’s plastic-lined so that if your make-up spills, it won’t get ruined! Perfect for traveling because everyone knows how rough the TSAs at the airport can be with your bags! What’s the best part? They come in super fun colors and patterns to coordinate with your duffel bags and totes! But they’re only available while supplies last, so get shopping!

Best Boots For Fall!


Much love for the Lindley!

I just bought these boots, and I am obsessed! Not only comfortable, but also reasonably priced at $249.95.  This may seem like an arm and a leg at first, but after you try them on you will find your feet just slip into perfection.  The leather is soft, but also thick and durable.  For those who have larger calves, you will find the shaft of the boot to be quite roomy and well-fitting.  Another thing to love is the contrast color around the zipper.  I really love the red zipper on the grey (they look black) boots. The zipper is also located along the back of the boot instead of the side, which I must admit, seems more fashion forward.  You might think that this would make it more difficult to zip up, however they are still quite easy to get on.  If they seem a little tight at first, have no fear! They will stretch out as you wear them and you’ll be able to tuck your jeans or legging into them in no time! Super cute and fun for fall! And free shipping on all orders over $75 when you enter SMFREESHIP at the checkout! Happy shopping, boot lovers!

Check out the Lindley and the rest of the boots here.

$5 Sandwich When You Mention This Post!



Happy Saturday Boulderites! It’s game day for CU today! Come in and get a hot Ralphie’s Ham & Cheese or Buffalo Chicken sandwich for only $5! Delicious Boar’s Head Ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, swiss cheese and honey mustard dressing on rye bread -or- a Buffalo Chicken with lettuce, tomato, onion, provolone cheese, ranch dressing, and hot sauce on white bread! All toasted to perfection! Just like A Cat of a Different Color on facebook, come in and mention this post and you’ll be enjoying a yummy Lindsay’s Boulder Deli Sandwich in no time! Go Buffs!

Mad For Madden!


One of my favorite boots! Only $132 after discount!

Steve Madden, that is! Save 30% on all styles! Seriously, what a steal. Some of the cutest boots and heels around. Now that back to school has begun, don’t you want to be the most stylish girl in your class? Oh ya do, do ya! Well, it’s easy with all the options that Steve Madden has available for this sale. The only exclusions from the sale are the items that are already on clearance. So, sorry for all of those out there who were looking for the ultra good deal, but isn’t 30% off awesome enough? I sure think so! 30% off is a steal of a deal if you want to buy some great boots for the fall, or a fun pair of heels for a night out on the town! Just enter code FALL30 at the checkout, and you’re good to go! Another deal is coming your way too though, free shipping on all orders over $75! For the free shipping enter code SMFREESHIP at the checkout. And for everyone who is a little wary of buying shoes online, have no fear! You can return your shoes at any Steve Madden store for a full refund. It isn’t hard to strut your stuff in a a new pair of shoes you got for a great deal! Happy shopping!

Visit the Steve Madden site here.

Vera Bradley Sale!


One of my favorites! And perfect for the gym or weekend travel!

Now through September 21st you can save 20% on your favorite Vera prints! Some may say their prints are really summer-y and we may be heading into winter….but I say Vera is appropriate for any time of the year! Their bright and fun patterns can add a little life to any winter outfit. Whether you’re using a tote to carry your school books, or a duffel to cart around your gym stuff, there is really nothing that beats Vera Bradley. The best thing about their quilted bags is that they are loaded with inside pockets for all your little trinkets! You can be sure your school pens, pencils, and calculator will have a home inside your school tote and you can rest assured that your iPod will be safe inside your gym bag. Their are a few stipulations for the sale, however. Select prints are available for the sale: Slate Blooms, Hello Dahlia!, Barcelona, and Twirly Birds Navy. But fear not! These are some of their cutest prints! They may not be the most colorful, or crazy, but they are still sure to make a fun addition to any outfit.

Check out the sale!

Crazy For Topple!


See how high you can stack without toppling!

Like Tetras? Then you’ll love Topple! Topple for iPhone is a fun game that takes it’s inspiration from Tetras.  You are given different shaped blocks, and you must stack them up to create a tower. These shapes fall from the top of your screen and you must drag them into place. You start off with typical shapes like squares, but each level gets harder and harder! As you progress through the levels, different blocks come into play that are harder to stack like hexagons and triangles. Not only do the shapes get harder to stack, but you must also face higher height requirements to be able to pass on to the next level. Watch out after you hit level 4 though! Starting at level 4, the base you must stack your blocks on is no longer flat…it’s jagged! It may seem inconvenient, but it adds a new level of difficulty and will have you challenged while trying to master new stacking techniques. What’s the best part about Topple? It’s free! You can, however, choose to buy the full version of the game through the App Store, but why should you when you get 9 levels of fun in the free version? You may get through the 9 levels quickly and find yourself wanting more, but even after you complete all of the levels, you job is not done. There are achievements for each level that you can also complete to challenge yourself further. For each level there is a bonus height, time award, and target score. You’ll soon find yourself addicted to the great gameplay and fun colors of Topple!

Free Kiddie Scoop When You Mention This Post!


Free Scoop for Cat supporters today!

Good morning everyone! Today only at Lindsay’s Boulder Deli on Pearl Street in Boulder we are running a special for a free kiddie scoop of Haagen Dazs with ANY purchase! Simply like A Cat of a Different Color on Facebook, drop by and mention this post, and you’ll be enjoying some delicious free ice cream! Lots of love for all my blog supporters! ❤

Bring It On Snow!


The Maylin is here!

These new Maylin UGG boots make me totally ready for winter! Forget wanting to savor the last month of summertime weather…I’m ready for snow! It’s good to see that UGG has finally taken into consideration the fact that everyone folds their boots down into their design! No more annoying creases in your UGGs that you can’t get rid of and no more of your fold over cuff riding up when you walk! Ahh! Why didn’t they think of this sooner!? Oh well, they got it right this time. In my opinion, the Maylin is much better looking style-wise than the Tall Sheepskin Cuff with its shaggier fur that just looks kind of ratty. The Maylin is more polished looking, in a way, which makes it more appropriate to wear with more outfits than the Tall Sheepskin. Also a bit of good news, the Maylin is $125 cheaper than the Tall Sheepskin Cuff! Although the Maylin ($250) is slightly shorter, it is worth it for the amount of extra fur and added warmth in comparison to the Classic Tall ($180) and Classic Tall Bomber ($200). UGG has also taken a new approach to the tread of the boot. There are now more notches for better traction! No more falling in the snow! Just make sure you get the Sheepskin Protector Spray, only $10, a small price to pay when you’ve already shelled out $250 for the boots, but well worth it to keep them looking new, but more importantly, to keep your feet dry. So is it time for snow yet?!?

Get Your UGG On!

SO LOW Labor Day Sale Starts Today!


One of my favs: Thermal zip-up hoodie paired with jersey foldover pant

Today is the day! SO LOW’s Labor Day sale stats now and goes till the 5th of September. SO LOW has always been a favorite of mine for yoga pants and hoodies for pretty reasonable prices. Another good thing about SO LOW is that they let you use their sale codes on items that are already on sale! If you’re patient enough, you can wait about a month for their regularly priced items to go on sale and grab them at lower prices. Don’t wait too long though, because many other SO LOW shoppers have this same idea, and once items hit the sale rack, popular sizes get sold out quickly. For this particular sale, the only stipulation is that you have to spend at least $50, which isn’t too bad. If you’re felling crazy, you can spend a little more to get free shipping, any orders over $150. I really like their signature fold over pants with fun colors and styles that complement their cute hoodies and graphic tees. To get the special 10% off, just enter code HOLIDAY at the checkout. Happy shopping!

Visit their page here.